Brother Bones

brother bones

By: Ron Fortier

Narrated by: J. Scott Bennett

GoodReads Summary: A gun wielding specter of justice haunts the dark streets of Cape Noire in seven tales of horror, suspense and supernatural thrills by pulp writer Ron Fortier (“The Green Hornet,” “Rambo,” “The Terminator,” etc.). In the grand tradition of the Shadow and the Spider comes the most bizarre avenger of them all, BROTHER BONES. Cover and Illustrations by Rob Davis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” Malibu Comics, etc.).

(I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.)

I have never read Mr. Fortier before. I’ve never read pulp horror before. In fact, the only familiar thing about this is the narrator. I don’t know if he chooses these types of books because he likes them or if someone’s heard him before and just knows he’s the right narrator. Whatever the case, he is the right narrator for the dark and deranged. (Slivers in the Dark)

Having opened myself up to new writers, new genres, I have frequently been disappointed by books that feel like they are merely the second draft on the road to something great, but someone (author, editor, publisher, etc.) decided that they wanted it out to the public before the story percolated into something avid readers would really appreciate. This set of stories is definitely not one of them.

This set of stories is thick enough to sink your teeth into and dark enough to blind you to anything else until you’ve finished it in its entirety.

Although for some looking for the cozy weirdness, you may have to pass this one by. It has gore. It has weird. It has shock factor. But all of that is the seasoning on top of a well-cooked steak.

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