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Goodreads/Amazon/Author Website Release date: July 7, 2016 Publisher: Bookouture Genre: Thriller/Mystery Goodreads blurb: Grace hasn’t been the same since the death of her best friend Charlie. She is haunted by Charlie’s words, the last time she saw her, and in a bid for answers, opens an old memory box of Charlie’s. It soon becomes clear there […]

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Liebster Award Nomination and (of course) Paying it Forward

Leibster Award

“The Liebster Award 2016 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”

Not bad for a fledgling book review blog, huh?

So here’s what I’m supposed to do:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and mention their blog
    • Can’t help but do that since it’s a NICE thing
  • Display the award on your blog
    • Done (rather pretty don’t you think?)
  • Give 10 facts about yourself
    1. I really do not like doing this, as I’d much rather remain almost anonymous among those who browse my blog (but…if you’ve browsed my pages, you know more than you think you know about me…)
    2. I am procrastinating right this moment
    3. I love animals, but I’m partial to cats
    4. My name comes from a Greek Goddess
    5. There really is a method to my madness, although very few can understand it
    6. Shamefully, I’ve only recently read Vonnegut (Why isn’t he included on the “must read list” for school? Never did I read him in high school or in any one of the English courses required for my degree. But neither is Lovecraft, and that simply has to be an oversight)
    7. I’m such a perfectionist, that even though this is the very first post I’ve typed directly into WordPress, I’ll probably copy and paste it into MSWord anyway to double check for errors
    8. I am completely embarrassed to come across typos in blog posts weeks after they’ve been posted
    9. If I am not reading or doing responsible things, I’m playing video games with my son (or while he’s at school…ok, mainly when he’s at school…sorry, kid)
    10. I really, really hate to cook
  1. What is your happiest childhood memory?

Well, riding horses, of course

  1. What was the best vacation you ever had?

My honeymoon in San Francisco

  1. If you could meet anyone before they became famous, and be part of their journey, who would it be?

Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Do you have any regrets in life?


  1. If you were president, what would you do?

This is a tricky question, but…I would find a way to reward honesty and integrity in politics that would outweigh whatever they are getting for being not that right now

  1. Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?

Um, yes, I want to be published. But I have to get over the crippling fear of failure first.

  1. If you lost the ability to speak, move, hear and talk, what would be the memory you thought about the most?

Memories….my marriage and my kiddos

  1. What do you think is the single best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

Marrying my hubby

  1. If you had to marry a fictional character, either from a film, TV show or book, who would it be?

I’ve married my prince charming, everyone else is just eye candy

  1. If you had to lie, what job would you say you did?

Mildly successful writer

  • Mention the rules in your post
    • Done
  • Ask your nominees 10 questions after tagging them in the post.
    1. Share a quote that motivates you the most.
    2. What is your favorite color and why?
    3. Which book(s) do you reread often?
    4. What is your guilty pleasure?
    5. Why did you choose to start your blog?
    6. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
    7. How long have you been friends with your best friend?
    8. If you could have an afternoon with three famous (living or fictional) people, who would they be?
    9. Is your workspace extraordinarily messy or absurdly neat?
    10. If you could travel to one fictional place and visit regularly, where would it be?





What’s on Your Shelf Plus Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links Jul 23 — Live to Write – Write to Live

I don’t think they run them anymore, but I always kind of liked Capital One’s “What’s in Your Wallet?” campaign. My fondness for the ads might have something to do with the fact that Alec Baldwin and Samuel L. Jackson make excellent spokespeople. I’m just saying. Anyway … I thought it might be fun to […]

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The Reluctant Demon

By: Mark Cain

Narrated by: Michael Gilboe

GoodReads Summary: In the wacky final volume of the Circles in Hell series, Steve Minion attends Beast Barracks, where he learns both the arcane and mundane arts of being a servant of the Devil. Strength, speed and endurance are all part of a demon’s physical makeup, but he must be taught to be sneaky, cruel and ruthless… and of course to ignore personal hygiene.

As Steve begins work as a full-fledged bad guy, he must confront the inevitable: demons exist to torment the damned, and Hell’s former handyman-in-chief doesn’t seem to have the stomach for the work.

Still, there’s no alternative for our hero. Once a demon, always a demon, as the saying goes. Steve’s stuck in his new role, but really, what good to anyone is a reluctant demon?

The Reluctant Demon is the fourth volume in the fantasy comedy series, Circles in Hell. It has been compared to other works of “Hell Fiction” including The Screwtape Letters and Good Omens and to the paranormal humor of Tom Holt, Christopher Moore and Douglas Adams.


(I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.)

Oh, my. Listening to the second installment of this series (A Cold Day in Hell), I predicted a drop in interest after a few more windows into this uber-developed world. You know, like the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. But even with Mr. Anthony, it took about ten books for my adolescent mind to get bored by the whole thing.

So I’ve listened to four of Mr. Cain’s visions of Hell. I truly thought this beautifully envisioned world would suffer after we spent some time rolling around in this muck of an afterlife. Even though I’ve enjoyed the hell out of all three previous tales (pun intended), I even looked for a drop in writing quality, descriptions, unique turns of phrase…even a lessening of tiny little bombs of surprise and appreciation for vividly imagined characters.

But, I do believe I was wrong. And I am so glad to admit this mistake. Even though Mr. Cain drops us into Chaos, we have to remember that this version of the afterlife does play by some hard and fast rules. Yet, when we live inside Minion’s head for a while, just like him, we tend to forget all of those laws when day-to-day survival focuses on the tiny rules, the ones that Mr. Cain’s version of Hell compels its residents to follow to avoid misery. (Even though, this is hell after all and misery is just a part of it.)

I really do not like spoilers in reviews and avoid them as the populace of Hell avoids saying any words of Grace, so…

All I’m going to say is that Mr. Cain does a fantastic job of distracting the reader with the interesting minutiae of what it is like to survive in this Hell to the point that what should be a predictable end comes as a surprise where I smack my forehead saying, “Damn it, I should have SEEN that! Hell, Minion should have SEEN that one.”

Sometimes I believe a book would be just as good in either written or audible format. Sometimes I’m actually neutral in preference.

This is not one of those times. I believe that audible is the best format for these trips into the underworld. Mr. Gilboe has the perfect voice to transmit the oddities of Hell, a friendly voice keeping you company through a normal day of mundaneness, a beautiful distraction that pulls images from the imagination with little effort. Truly, there should be no other way to trip down Hell’s escalator than with Mr. Gilboe’s voice as an accompaniment. However, if we’re truly envisioning this version of Hell, it would not welcome us with Mr. Gilboe. The welcome message would be read by Gilbert Godfrey. But I hear he has a different position down there.


Bloody Bank Heist

bloody bank heist

By: Tim Miller

Narrated by: Joe Hempel

GoodReads Summary: Darren and Jenny are a hard working couple at the end of their rope. Out of money and out of options, they decide drastic measures are needed. They rob a bank when things go horribly wrong. Gunshots are fired and in order to escape, they must kidnap the hapless bank manager. Unfortunately for them, the manager is not what he seems. The kidnapping unleashes a chain of events they could have never imagined in their worst nightmares.

*** definitely twisted

(I received a free audible copy in exchange for an honest review.)

In this economy, I’m positive most of us have thought about robbing a bank, right? I mean, the money is insured; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to plan…easy, peasy. But then, someone gets stupid. The getaway car gets away before the partners in the bank. Someone tries to be a hero and gets blasted in the face. And then, the thieves take a freakin’ hostage. Can’t go anymore wrong than this, right?

Wrong. This story will definitely make you think twice about committing a crime. The choices that are made in seconds are not always the best ones and the consequences can get even more deadly than anyone anticipates.

I quite enjoyed Mr. Miller’s twisted mind. It really feels as if this is the part you don’t see or read about when watching or reading about the people who do not have their heads on straight.

I gave it three stars because I liked it. Yet it definitely could have had more depth to balance out the insanity: more emotion, less stoic explanations for the reasons behind everything.

Here’s your warning: If you’re one of those who doesn’t like a little gore in their horror/mystery, please stay away. Bloody is in the title, for Pete’s sake.

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Last to Die: A gripping psychological thriller I’ve been in a slight reading rut. I haven’t had a book for two weeks that grabbed me and didn’t let go. The kind you stay up late to finish, the kind you don’t skip through waiting for something to finally happen. Well thanks to Arlene Hunt I […]

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When Claire’s husband is brutally killed in front of her she doesn’t think she will ever feel right again. He looked after her for twenty years with complete dedication and she no longer remembers how to be strong without him. It isn’t until she inadvertently discovers his biggest secret that her whole world really does […]

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