When She Cries

when she cries

By: Alex Westhaven

Narrated by: Kevin Clay

GoodReads Summary: Nicole Strickly is excited to get out of the city and spend a weekend in the mountains, even if her date is a little sketchy. They aren’t far down the road before she realizes her mistake, but there’s no turning back, and what awaits her when they arrive at camp is far worse than she could ever have imagined.

Forced to run or die, Nicole finds herself embroiled in a gruesome game where the only reward for winning is three more rounds with the huntmaster himself, and an experience that will change the fiber of her very being…for as long as she can survive.

*** – technically 3.5 stars

(I received a free audible copy for an honest review.)

Serial hunters call it a game….

I don’t know where or when the idea of hunting people first slid into a human, but it is a subject that inspires a certain kind of panic. Stuck in the wilds, the higher brain functions of a human can help befuddle any predatory animal and allow for escape. But when the predator is just as high functioning as the human prey, the idea of escape becomes an illusory goal.

I like the narration of When She Cries. It was easy to lose track of time listening to the story. However, I don’t think that Mr. Clay fully utilized the emotions inherent in the writing. While his voice is pleasant and easy to listen to, it might have been better with a few speed differentials within the different scenes.

Of course, some of the dialogue between the characters did feel somewhat stilted and may have influenced Mr. Clay while he read. I rolled my eyes a few times during Nicole’s inner monologues. Not as often as I expected, but a few times where it just seemed a bit forced into the plot rather than fluidly deriving from the character herself.

Because of these thoughts while I read, I did not feel the fear and panic intended by Mrs. Westhaven. But the story and narration is good enough that I really wanted to know how it ended.

And the end is worth gliding along Mr. Clay’s voice and slipping into Mrs. Westhaven’s mind. The end is very satisfying.

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