Bloody Bank Heist

bloody bank heist

By: Tim Miller

Narrated by: Joe Hempel

GoodReads Summary: Darren and Jenny are a hard working couple at the end of their rope. Out of money and out of options, they decide drastic measures are needed. They rob a bank when things go horribly wrong. Gunshots are fired and in order to escape, they must kidnap the hapless bank manager. Unfortunately for them, the manager is not what he seems. The kidnapping unleashes a chain of events they could have never imagined in their worst nightmares.

*** definitely twisted

(I received a free audible copy in exchange for an honest review.)

In this economy, I’m positive most of us have thought about robbing a bank, right? I mean, the money is insured; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to plan…easy, peasy. But then, someone gets stupid. The getaway car gets away before the partners in the bank. Someone tries to be a hero and gets blasted in the face. And then, the thieves take a freakin’ hostage. Can’t go anymore wrong than this, right?

Wrong. This story will definitely make you think twice about committing a crime. The choices that are made in seconds are not always the best ones and the consequences can get even more deadly than anyone anticipates.

I quite enjoyed Mr. Miller’s twisted mind. It really feels as if this is the part you don’t see or read about when watching or reading about the people who do not have their heads on straight.

I gave it three stars because I liked it. Yet it definitely could have had more depth to balance out the insanity: more emotion, less stoic explanations for the reasons behind everything.

Here’s your warning: If you’re one of those who doesn’t like a little gore in their horror/mystery, please stay away. Bloody is in the title, for Pete’s sake.

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