The Know Circuit

the know circuit

By: Gary A. Ballard

Narrated by: Joe Hempel

GoodReads Summary: Artemis Bridge can get you what you need no matter how immoral or illegal, no questions asked. With practiced detachment, he keeps everyone around him at arm’s length. But when the city of Boulder is trapped in a mysterious dome, he must set aside his detachment to help his bodyguard Aristotle’s search for his missing grandmother. Every step he takes towards the dome deepens the mystery, as he is compelled to seek out the source of the strange happenings. Flaming dragons, cars transformed into robotic golems, a corporate-military quarantine and disturbing visions drive Bridge to a life-altering conclusion. This enthralling sequel to the critically-acclaimed Under the Amoral Bridge is the second in the Bridge Chronicles series.

**I received a free audible copy in exchange for an honest review.**

Once again I find myself drawn into the world of Mr. Bridge. Ahhh, Mr. Hempel, your narrating talent keeps beckoning. I can’t help myself. There are two reasons I keep coming back. First, your voice enriches the characters, bringing such a full experience to the listening that even while doing the dishes, the story draws me in. Second, after the first listen (and only after I know what happens) I stick my earbuds in at night so that the story will lull me to sleep.

This time Mr. Ballard takes us outside the world of future politics and into the world of future hacking and what the possibilities could be of stick a few geniuses in a room together.

The opening is full of action and weirdness befitting Artemis Bridge. I think it is fantastic to return to a world that at once is familiar because you’ve been there before and at the same time makes you wonder what exactly is behind the next door.

The thing about The Know Circuit is that while, you know the place, and you know the guy, you don’t truly see what’s coming until it you’re just about right on top of it.

Interestingly enough, Bridge turns out to be the guy, not just the “bridge” to the “guy.” If you liked Under the Amoral Bridge, you’re really going to enjoy this next adventure.

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