Slivers in the Dark

slivers in the dark

By: Phil Foliani

Narrated by: J. Scott Bennett

GoodReads Summary: Take a journey into the night with Slivers in the Dark. Odd things happen when darkness falls so be prepared to read some of the frightening happenings when the sun goes down. Slivers in the Dark has four short horror stories that will tug at your worst fears and show you what you have to fear. Make sure you read these at night, preferably alone so you can experience the terror our characters did as you read along from story to story.

If you want a good scare and something that makes you cringe, download your copy now and experience the evil within. Is it supernatural or something else? Will you fear what evil may come as you read these stories? Put yourself in their place and see if you can do what they have done. I dare you to try, how would you react if it were you. You can only hope nothing like this will ever happen to you…but you never know.

**I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.**

The intro suggests reading at night, alone, in the dark. I thought I had the perfect setting: my porch, under the moonlight, just before the storm. While it was a good setting, it wasn’t the perfect one. My suggestion: camping.

Having just spend a few nights in the middle of nowhere with my family, I kept thinking about them while listening. The perfect campfire, my love, my three teenage kids (one with his girlfriend), owls hooting, coyotes howling across the lake, and every single person begging for scary stories. That would have been the perfect time to break out the speakers and listen to the creepy low tones of Mr. Bennett’s voice.

The stories combined with the perfect narrator for these kinds of stories are not quite scary enough while you’re sitting close enough to the comforts of home. But listen to them while you’re in the middle of nowhere without your own walls to keep out the creepers (maybe driving down a long highway at night where all you can see is what your headlights illuminate) and you might get just the right amount of tingle dripping down your spine.

Now, I can’t wait to go camping again with my family and see what they think about these stories.

I agree with some reviewers that the spooky factor could be dialed up a bit for most of us. But the writing is solid and Mr. Bennett is a fantastic choice for the narration.

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One thought on “Slivers in the Dark

  1. […] I have never read Mr. Fortier before. I’ve never read pulp horror before. In fact, the only familiar thing about this is the narrator. I don’t know if he chooses these types of books because he likes them or if someone’s heard him before and just knows he’s the right narrator. Whatever the case, he is the right narrator for the dark and deranged. (Slivers in the Dark) […]


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