A Witch’s Path, Book Two

A Witch's Path

By: N. E. Conneely

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

GoodReads Summary:  After a near death experience, Michelle has vowed to do her job, magical assistance for the police, and leave the heroics to someone else. Besides, life should be settling down for her since the trolls have been captured and the sorceress was neutralized. Unfortunately, the power behind the sorceress wants her dead, Elron starts acting funny, a magical creature wreaks havoc on a town, and there’s trouble with the werewolves. As if that wasn’t enough, the clans have started to notice her power and she has more reasons than ever to fear the clans.

Things go from bad to worse when Michelle’s best friend is abducted, and she must decide between her friend and her vow to stay out of dangerous situations.

Series: A Witch’s Path

Once more, we visit Michele in her frenzied world, helping the police deal with magical objects and crimes. It feels as is the girl is never still and we come to understand truly her obsession with caffeinated food and beverages.

This time, however, we get to know Michelle’s friends a bit better. Even though they are important to her, fighting the trolls in the first book kind of overwhelmed their very existence.

I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice, but I do not like spoilers and I always try to avoid dropping them in any review. Suffice it to say, in this story, there is a kidnapping, gargoyles, more werewolves and shifters to count, endless love, and even a dinosaur. It is a glorious mess to keep you entertained.

If you’re curious, we do discover a little more about Michelle’s parents’ past, which is good and just enough to whet the appetite for more. But I do have an issue about the scene at the end of the book when she’s facing her parents. Unfortunately, they give her no more information than when she’d found during her own brief investigation. There is nothing new here. Either there should be, or the scene should be cut in favor of the next.

Browsing through other reviews, I have to agree that after the first book’s microscopic focus on the tools and methods to her magical practice, I did expect less detail and more character depth aside from always being tired or angry. Unfortunately, that is not the case as most of her movements revolve around the minutia of the spells she works. While listening, I do find myself glazing over those bits.

What I focused on in the course of listening to this sequel, was Elron. Despite the old language, he contains great emotion and Conneely does a good job in expressing that without trite dialogue or clichéd bullshit. I feel as if Elron is a much more developed character than even the MC.

Once more Jeff Hays amazes me with range and talent. Trust me, barely into one chapter and you will be astounded. You should definitely check out more of his work. I’ve included a link to his webpage above. Just click on his name.

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