Killing Silence

By: Peg Herring
Narrated by: Karisa Bruin
GoodReads Summary:
Is It Possible to Be a Rescuer When You Live among the Lost?

Loser sleeps on the streets of Richmond, Virginia, washes up in gas station bathrooms, eats when an opportunity comes along, and spends her waking hours in front of the local drug store, watching the world pass by and speaking less than thirty words per day.
When a child is murdered and Loser finds herself in the company of the prime suspect, can she pull herself out of her own pain to help catch a killer? Her investigation is hampered by her inner demons as well as her inability to hold a normal conversation.

Why should anyone believe her anyway? She is Loser. A nobody. A freak who can barely speak.

Besides, Loser has good reason to avoid the police…and it goes way beyond loitering.

(I received a free audible copy in exchange for an honest review.)

Loser lives on the streets. Loser keeps a word count, a small one and does not speak unless necessary. She seems to fit in with those who chose to live on the fringes of society. But there is something about her, something about her past that rises up to haunt her during random moments of lucid thought.

A little girl grabs her attention. She is almost magnetized by the child, seeking her out, risking the haunted fragments of her past just to see the girl. A murder, a father and daughter in hiding…all Loser’s instincts from the past rise to the surface. She cannot help herself, she has to help them.

This first installment of the Loser mysteries is such a unique take on the typical murder/mystery genre, I couldn’t stop listening. The writing is fluid. The narration is solid. And I was actually disappointed that I finished the book all at once. (The sequel is already in my audible wish list!)

For those who enjoy mysteries to the extent that you know the formula backwards and forwards, you will be pleasantly surprised how a homeless person can be the protagonist/heroine and work a case in less than 30 spoken words per day.


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