A Child for the Devil

By: Conrad Jones
Narrated by: Jacob Bruce

Series: Hunting Angels Diaries
Book One

GoodReads Summary: When Conrad Jones helps the police identify an occultist symbol carved into the chest of a murder victim, he attracts the attention of a Satanic cult who believe themselves to be human vampires. And they want desperately to silence him. Hunted by the cult and by the law, he has no choice but to become the hunter…

(I received a free copy for an honest review.)

After a very graphic opening, I was not sure if I wanted to continue listening. Ultimately, I am not sure if I am glad I kept going.

Mr. Jones does an exceptional job weaving reality with fiction. For the conspiracy buff, this is a perfect first step into a deep paranoia.

Very well written, I did question truth a few times, and because of that, I could not help but keep listening, dragged into an adult wonderland of twisted reality.

It feels as if there is only one character in the book and his is the only reality. However, his explanations seem plausible enough that when he says “Google it,” you are sorely tempted, I might be the strange one who never stopped to search, instead, kept listening the web of intrigue. (In other reviews, those who did “Google it,” found much to be true.)

The narration is exceptional. Mr. Bruce has such a soothing voice that even during the most disturbing bits it carries the listener forward almost without a tremor.
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