Yesterday, A Novel of Reincarnation

3.5 stars

By: Samyann
Narrated By: Darlene Allen

GoodReads Summary: Yesterday is a novel of love, loss, and a powerful sense of deja vu between a handsome Chicago policeman and the beautiful young woman who saves his life. Everyone Amanda Parker has ever loved has died prematurely, most recently her fiance. A fear of commitment based on a life of tragedy is Amanda’s destiny, or so she believes. But then Amanda saves Mark Callahan from being crushed to death by a falling elevated train in Chicago’s Loop. Yesterday is also the tragic journey of a little girl escaping the South during the American Civil War, a harrowing tale of disaster, devotion, and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
In this historical romance, Mark Callahan fights through Amanda’s rejection to prove that she will love again, as she was once loved – Yesterday.

(I received a free audible copy for an honest review.)

With reincarnation as a lure, I put aside my distaste for romance novels and gave Yesterday a try. Even though I rolled my eyes and snorted through the romantic bits, I have to say that they were not as trite as I expected. It is very hard to put into words the emotions that two people who belong together have for each other. Love is too small a word to encompass the wealth of feeling. I admire an author who attempts to describe the connection between soulmates without cliché weighing down the story.

Darlene Allen did an exemplary job in the narration. Where some narrator seem to let a bit of whine sink into female characters (especially the typical painful-past-romantic-present ones), Darlene brings Amanda to life without making her seem insipid, because she is not.

The opening is choppy, bumpy even, as if learning how to ride a bike. I don’t know if I just got used to it or if it did actually improve, but the flow becomes a bit easier in its flow.

Amanda comes across as more angsty than a teenage girl, but there is a point. She’s had a more than usual painful past and is floundering. Her character grows, but the path is not an easy one as reflected in the escape from the South during the Civil War.

Amanda’s journey is to understand that life comes with painful parts and it’s what you do with them that determine your character.

Yesterday is a novel rich with history and the connection between past and present.



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