Magic Factory

Magic Factory

Magic Factory – ***** – less magic, more industrial politics and hope

By: James Livingood

Narrated By: Michael Gilboe

GoodReads Summary: In a factory full of magic, some magic is bound to slip out and cause havoc. Magical industry knowledge is precious and hard to find. Even the most minor of spells require an enormous non-disclosure waiver. Most of the experts claim the knowledge under patents to ensure they could make the most money possible. The harder that knowledge is to discover, the less competition you have. Magic factories are known to be high risk because of the stigma of sharing information. Unfortunately for the workers at this factory, that includes information on how to be safe.

(I received a free audible copy for an honest review.)

Really? Magic produced on the line? Who in their right mind would think of such a thing?

Well, James Livingood, of course.

Mr. Livingood takes the art of magic, places it into the hands of a line worker with an overinflated ego, adds a defective little angel and completely twists the magical industry into a streamlined production company.

I think everyone should read/listen to this at some point. It takes the battle between good and evil into the morning meetings of a board room and adds just enough dazzle to keep it interesting.

The positive message at the end is fantastic.


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