The Remains

the remains

The Remains
By: Vincent Zandri
Narrated by: Elizabeth Wiley

GoodReads Summary: The Remains is a thrilling story of twin girls and a terrible attack. Vowing to keep it a secret the two grow up struggling with their past and their belief in God. Thirty years later, their attacker is released from prison. One of the twins is dead from cancer; the remaining twin must face her biggest fear and face a killer who wants her dead. The Remains will test your faith and will bring you through the question of why bad things happen to good people.

Kindle Unlimited with narration

I rather enjoyed Elizabeth Wiley’s narration. Her voice is a perfect accompaniment to daily chores, drawing you into the story without the high pitch of some female narrators. Her character voices are consistent and natural.

The story itself is rather formulaic with just enough twist to keep you interested. Inserting the autistic character Francis and his artistic talent…. Well, Amazon’s review does a better job here:

Rebecca’s art student Francis, an autistic savant, gives her a series of paintings he’s done. Rebecca, with increasing dread, realizes the sequence of scenes depicted in the paintings match the nightmares she’s had every night since the horrific ordeal three decades earlier. How could Franny know? Is it a ghostly warning of some kind?

Some of the philosophical questions Rebecca raises in her thoughts are questions we all ask at some time or other.

The bad guy that tinged Rebecca and Molly all of their lives is suitably creepy enough to make me look around a few times while on my front porch after dark.

Who doesn’t like a little spine-chilling?


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