The Merchant Adventurer


Of all the reviews I have done this year, I chose this one to publish first. This one is my favorite.

The Merchant Adventurer

By: Patrick E. McLean

Narrated By: Patrick E. McLean

tragic relief

GoodReads Summary: An ordinary, money-grubbing Merchant struggling to make a coin off penniless, incompetent adventurers is forced to take on the impossible quest of saving his town and rescuing the woman he loves from a treacherous and powerful Wizard. A battle of wit, wits and haggling that is part homage to, part skewer of the richly worked and often overwrought fantasy genre.
An artful, satire of dungeon crawls and cRPG’s, the Merchant Adventurer is part Princess Bride, part Dungeon Pawn Stars and a rollicking good read.

**I was given this book for free for an honest review…blah,blah,blah…**

Rollicking good fun with a sliver of dark slicing through.

With books I choose, I browse through the reviews before purchase. I’ve noticed that with the few that require a review for a free copy, I don’t bother. I think it’s because I don’t want to be influenced and I want my review to be as honest as I can make it. That’s what I would want if I ever let anyone read my stuff. It is only fair that is what I give to other authors.

I barely looked at anything but the premise of the book and when opening this audible version I noticed the same name in author and narrator. I’ve never had that experience before. At least not that I remember. This was going to be interesting.

When I first heard Mr. McLean’s voice, I got excited over just that. His is the kind of voice I specifically look for when I want something for winding down after a long day. I save female narrators for puttering around the house, keeping me awake.

I thought, regardless if the story is good, at least I’ll sleep tonight.

Then, before the first chapter was over, I found that I was sitting on the front porch, enjoying the moments just after sunset, not only giggling like a freakin’ schoolgirl, but laughing so loudly, I startled a few cats across the street. Maybe I wasn’t going to get sleep after all. (But I did, finally, and had to freakin’ rewind…)

By the time the kiddos got home from school (still not done with the book – phone calls and life kept getting in the way), I’d already decided that my middle kid, the boy who only reads when he has to, has to listen to this book.

To say this is an enjoyable listen is a disservice. I’d much rather say something along the lines of “OMFG! You have to listen to this guy!” But I detest sounding like a teenage fangirl.

Personally, I think Mr. McLean did an amazing job not only putting the words to paper, but reading those words aloud. The character voices were spot on and so crazily different, I wondered a few times if the man had help. It reminded me of reading to my kids when they were little and them begging my husband, “Do the voices! Do the voices!”

The Merchant Adventurer makes fun of the epic fantasy. All the characters are there: the evil wizard, the hero, the merchant, the damsel, the thief. The story arch is pretty much in line with the formula fantasy. But despite this, it is not your everyday fantasy quest. It has more spice, more sarcasm, more wine than cheese, and more entertainment than the serious business of saving the world.

How I got my kid to listen (besides my own excitement)? Dude, it’s like someone smushed together The Princess Bride and Galavant without the music. He says, Really? Eyes wide and sparkly. Is it downloaded yet? He put aside his games and internet perusing and sat down and listened. He had to pause at the goatherd incident, share it with me, and laugh some more. (I’m probably a terrible mother. He’s 13.)

Since I’ve renewed the vigor in my love of reading the past few years, I’ve found there are few books published today that I would revisit. Truly, my ultimate favs were written before I was born. However, this one, I know I will revisit. When the details fade, the scenes become jumbled in my head, I will have to go back. To the fun.


One thought on “The Merchant Adventurer

  1. […] I’ve pushed aside every comparison to any other dystopia I’ve read and studied, because the tropes are there, people. I’ve set aside disbelief (Thank you, Mr. Cameron Jace, for teaching me that) I just enjoyed the story. I haven’t don’t that in a while, and it is completely refreshing to fall into a book like I haven’t since, The Merchant Adventurer. […]


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